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Creating An Undergraduate Dissertation Conclusion Without Trouble

This article introduces a short discussion on helping all students create their undergraduate dissertation conclusion with relative ease by suggesting practical ways of achieving this. The guide begins with the work that must be done long before any dissertation conclusion is prepared. It begins with a practical idea that is based on one convention used by creative fiction (novel) writers.

The novel approach

One innovative way of writing that has been successfully tested and used by some fiction writers is to begin with their manuscript’s ending first before writing anything else. They already have a clear idea of how they would like their story to end and thus work retrospectively on this basis. In the academic sense, this approach could also work, particularly if students have an early indication of the objective statement or proposal they would like to make. To all practical purposes, the first draft of this ending should be brief and indicative of a rough, numbered page of no more than five points (bearing in mind that on the undergraduate level this part of the paper should be short).

Pre-writing work

Whether typing a conclusion, introduction or essay body, all typed work should be substantiated. The first draft, on the other hand, can be a reflection of one’s own, original ideas that can be closely linked to the suggested ‘novel’ approach given above. By now, undergraduate students should be well aware of the importance of proper project planning, close and intense reading and extensive research. Without this, any paper’s ending could very well be declared null and void by authoritative readers.

Suggested academic paper outline

Assuming that the above ‘novel’ approach has been followed; students can correlate the final paragraph and/or page with the document’s introductory passages. Even if this approach is not followed, the introductory and conclusion outlines should be similar, with the introduction being substantially more detailed but not more than five sentences (or so) long.

This short article discussed how students can create their thesis conclusion without much trouble by beginning with an innovative approach and outlining practical applications that should be part of the approach to doing academic work of a high standard. Finally, it highlighted how the final essay along with its conclusion should be outlined. Please note that these are guidelines that need to be tested first to see if it meets the individual student’s own set of criteria or abilities.

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