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Understanding The Dissertation Format: Useful Guidelines

If you are new to the dissertation format you will be excited to know that it is not as hard as your teacher told you in middle school. While there is a set of complex rules that you need to comprehend well, it all boils down to systematic approach. Most prominent researchers are of the idea that if you adopt a systematic approach toward your academic paper, you will be closer to understanding the format of the dissertation.

The dissertation format is both simple and complex. While different approaches are prescribed for papers in different subjects, the one given here extends an idea into the basic format in which you should look to compose academic papers in general. Here are some guidelines that will help you with the basic format.

Abstract: an interesting sketch

You will have to paint a great sketch right in the abstract of the paper. Questions like what is the paper about and the scope of its study shall be addressed in the abstract.

Literature review: compare and contrast

The literature review is a short study into the background of the paper. Information like the background of the paper and the societal confines of the study should be watched over closely.

Problem statement: pinpoint projection

The problem statement of the project is the place where the real issue of the debate is highlighted and brought before the readers. Make sure the projection of the problem is done in a pinpoint manner.

Chapter 1: problem analysis

This is where you will have to analyse the problem of the essay minutely. There can be a central problem and a lot of related problems. If this is the case, make sure you find a common thread between related problems.

Chapter 2: probable solutions

You may name the chapter as you like, but the second chapter must deal with the possible solutions that already exist in the sphere. Always make an attempt to list every possible solution, relevant or irrelevant.

New solution proposed

This is how you differentiate your paper from many other papers in the market: by proposing a new solution. Make sure that the solution provided by you is based on logical reasoning alongside evidences. Check this site to know more about creating new solutions against the problem statement.

Conclusion: wrapping it up

It will all go in vain if you fail to wrap this up properly. The conclusion is an integral part of every academic paper and you will have to leave an imprint on the minds of the readers right in the solution of your paper.

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