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20 Great Questions You Can Answer In Your History Dissertation

History is a broad field that studies the development of our civilization all over the world. There are plenty of good topics to write a history dissertation. The problem is that when there are so many topics, it’s difficult to choose a single one to investigate. A small list of excellent ideas should help you pick one topic and stick to it.

History Dissertation Topics to Choose from

  1. The Crimean war and its main cause.
  2. Napoleon III and his road to power.
  3. Factors that caused Italian unification.
  4. The inevitability of German unification.
  5. The review of events that caused the start of the First World War.
  6. The downfall of the Labor government in Great Britain in 1924.
  7. The reasons that enabled Mussolini to seize power in Italy with ease.
  8. The key element of Nazis popularity in Germany before the World War II.
  9. Stalin’s methods to resolve problems faced by Russian society during his rule.
  10. The analysis of events that caused the World War II.
  11. Indiscretions of the USA during the World War II.
  12. French policy during the Crimean war.
  13. The Vienna system and the attitude of Napoleon III towards it.
  14. The impact of Italy’s unification on the Vienna system’s functioning.
  15. The role of Bismarck in the Germany’s unification.
  16. The results of the First World War.
  17. The effects of The Great Depression on Britain.
  18. The analysis of Mussolini’s rule in Italy.
  19. Successful and unsuccessful policies of Nazis in Germany.
  20. The reasons for communism to spread beyond the USSR.

Tips for Composing Your History Dissertation

You should keep in mind that it’s very important to conduct thorough research on your topic before you begin writing any chapter of your paper. You should consult your professor to learn about little-known sources that can be useful in your study. They can provide you with helpful advice on other questions related to your project too.

Once you research has been completed, you should create a detailed plan of your paper. It’s very difficult to structure a dissertation properly without a good outline made in advance. You don’t have to follow it strictly, however. Sometimes, initial plans don’t work out in practice.

Pay special attention to formatting requirements stated by your professor. If you format your document in a wrong way, your committee won’t accept it. Bring your paper to some professional to check it before the final submission.

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