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Practical Advice On How To Find Fresh Ideas For A Dissertation

High chances are, you have read a whole bunch of dissertations from different people and still find the same concept in all. It is good that you understand before you write a thesis, a thesis proposal is first of all required. It makes the writing of the final thesis. It is a highlight of what is expected during the entire research as well as the chapters to be included in the main thesis paper. Therefore, you need to be careful of how and what you include on your thesis. This means an early preparation and well organized work. So how do you find fresh ideas? Below are tips that will help you solve the above question:


Read broadly

Other people's ideas could be a resourceful area for you to develop new ideas. All you need is to take a different approach of what you find. Read every academic material you find regardless of whether it is related to your field or not, example journals, case studies and newspapers. In addition, find content from other sources such as the Internet.

Let go of what you do not require

At times it is good to let go of what we have been holding onto for so long. Avoid sticking to the same old and repetitive ideas you have had. This will help you improve your creativity and open a new channel for new ideas to flow in. In as much as you need new ideas, remain precise.

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