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Guide On How To Work With A Global Dissertation Database

There are several guidelines that you need to follow if you want to use a global dissertation database. These guidelines are based on some of the basic differences that can be apparent when you use the tool.

  1. Be selective. Remember that the paper is added to the data base because it has been completed. There is not usually any background into the grade that the piece of work achieved. Neither are there usually any or any points of discussion nor concerns that the professor or academic panel that were involved with its assessment would have made.
  2. Instructions. Instructions that are given to students/candidates vary between educational institutions, and also between different countries. This does not mean that you should assume that one paper is better or worse than another it is just that they have been written in compliance to a different set of instructions.
  3. Template. However there is a standard academic format for dissertations, namely abstract, introduction, literature review, method, results and discussion. All papers should be produced with the aim of being published in a journal.
  4. Research. A quick glance at the reference section will tell you if the supporting evidence for the paper is using up to date citations or the author has used work that is outdated and obsolete. This is well worth checking.
  5. Quality. The quality may vary. But in reality this the case if you took a cross section of papers from any one school or college. Check the quality of the work by applying your own knowledge and seeing if the work follows a logical progression of ideas.
  6. Language. This may be a stumbling block. If the paper is written in a language other than English and is then translated, a lot of the sense will be lost as many other languages construct their sentences differently,
  7. Grammar. This is covered through Language but it is important enough to give it, its own section. Papers that are grammatically incorrect are difficult to read and in some the mistakes are so complex that the focus of the clarity of the paper may be impaired.
  8. Content. You should use the same key words that you would use to find the paper or papers that you want by using a local database. Just make sure that you use the key words in the same order each time you access the page.

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