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List Of 22 Inspiring Dissertation Writing Ideas In History Of Art

Artistic works are in integral part of any society’s culture. Sometimes they are all that survives to tell later generations what they valued, how they lived or what they thought of the afterlife. In many ways they therefor serve as an unofficial historical record.

If you choose to write a dissertation on the history of art, there are many different directions that you can take. The history of a thing continues into the recent past and if you are skillful enough you may even be able to predict what the future is most likely to hold. If you also have expertise in other fields, you can link them to result in a topic that is not only inspiring but highly original.

Here are a few that fit that mold that you can look at, be inspired by and go on to create similar versions to if you like:

  1. The use of the female form in prehistoric art
  2. 3D printing and the future of sculpting
  3. Is Photo-realism killing artistic expression
  4. How music and art influence each other
  5. Can the art industry be made Eco-friendly without sacrificing quality?
  6. Is street art a legitimate branch of art or a trendy gimmick?
  7. Are women given enough respect in the visual arts as their male counterparts?
  8. Is the emphasis on STEM subjects leading to a suppression of the arts?
  9. How does censorship affect the advancement of art in a country?
  10. How has colonization marked the artistic expression of Haitian society?
  11. Can real art come form plagiarism?
  12. Are curators of different works artists in their own right?
  13. How has the system of patronage evolved in recent times?
  14. In what ways did royalty actively use art to decide the standard of beauty?
  15. How have the most common tools and materials used in artistic production changed over time?
  16. How have paintings shifted in public perception from the 17th century to now?
  17. Why are ancient cultures more likely to use stylized art rather than strict realism?
  18. How are the works of Michelangelo comparable to those of Dali?
  19. How has religious imagery been represented in the work of major classical artists?
  20. How was artistry incorporated into the creation of public works projects in renaissance Italy?
  21. How was the sculpting in ancient Japan and China influenced by the trade between these two countries?
  22. How common was the practice of delegation in 16th century artistic works?

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