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How To Write My Thesis Successfully: 4 Main Pitfalls To Avoid

Writing a thesis may either propel you to work optimally or deflate your energy cells. This depends on your discipline, grip on the subject and your proclivity towards hard work. Still, if you somehow prepare yourself for the game, you should follow it in a prescribed manner.

Wary of pitfalls

You should wary of certain pitfalls which you encounter during the process of completing your research work. While some are elementary enough and easily passable, some take a deep snatch and cause potential disaster. Here is how you bypass major pitfalls –

  1. Writing at cross-purposes – It often happens that when you read a topic, it sounds so close to your heart that you naturally write about an entire dispensation, forgetting to be specific. For instance, you may cover a thesis on the evolution of pizza and because of your ultimate mastery over Italian cuisine, you deviate the topic to Italian cuisine instead. This is a major obstacle and to avoid that, you need to understand the seeds of the topic and remember to be specific.
  2. Lack of options for Methodology – You need to practically conduct the methodology; the sampling and survey. Sometimes, the topic requires subjective sampling and you feel and urgent lack of resources at hand. This dilutes the effect of your entire thesis. What you need to do is prepare a framework for the sampling and give time to the exercise. Diligence is the name of the game.
  3. Ungainly resources – This is another pitfall which is easy to fall for. In your hurry to complete your thesis, you often resort to whatever resources comes your way rather than labor to find genuine ones. You feel that your probity and acuity will cover the genuineness of resources but it is very hard to fool the instructor. Thus, you should venture to expend that extra labor but make your work worthwhile.
  4. Processing and sequence – Ideal thesis advance from the Introduction to methodology and then towards Analysis and Conclusion. All these segments should have facts and opinion sin sequential order. This is where most writers make a mess of; eventually disturbing the elements of the research work. You should bypass this occurrence by being very sincere with your proof-reading. You should also make an objective enquiry into the format style. This should be constant throughout the work.

These are the major pitfalls. You should also be cautious about the others; even tertiary ones. Your main aim should be to produce a significant fool-proof thesis.

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