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Composing A Strong Dissertation Introduction Chapter

Dissertation is in itself an extremely weighty word. It has to present the facts f the matter along with the problems associated and the solutions forthwith in a dignified manner. It is a road one takes to get grounded and eventual get the doctoral degree in his stream.

The five segments

Now, the dissertation has 5 major segments; the Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review; Methodology and Conclusion. There are tertiary aspects as well as the Table of Contents and Reference.

The first section

Now, we are talking here about the Introduction. This necessarily has two sections. The first section deals with the general emphasis on why you picked the topic. This will involve the nuances of the topic and the prevalent questions associated with it.

Taking the case forward

You will also have to give an idea about how you will take the topic forward and try to offer solution to a convincing end. There will also be an innate placement of the research and Methodology endeavor you plan to make.

The second section

The second section will offer the background; the origins of the theme and its spatial positioning in the society and mindset. You will also have to offer the resources you have utilized for the dissertation in a cursory manner. The details will of course be placed in the Reference page.

The thesis statement

You also have to present a thesis statement; a standing motif which will be ubiquitous throughout the dissertation. There has to be a messianic interpretation in life; and the thesis statement acts like a microcosm for this precept.

Here is an example for a dissertation introduction

‘The world as such is dealing with deviant cases of hegemony, genocides and other types of crimes. Most of them sprout out of the degenerated mind and therein is a different reflection to the psychotic state of the society nowadays. The secluded mentality of nuclear families and general upgrade in lifestyle shows a splinter to such a digression. There is clear need to find and analyze the collective psyche and find ways to negotiate and set it right. This dissertation takes an encroaching step into the convolutions of the mind and how it panders more towards vices than virtues. It also endeavors to present ways to check the deviance on the block and manage an overtly positive mind-frame. This research work derives important extractions from eminent resources for an epitome of conviction.’

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