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Getting Your Master's Dissertation Published: 10 Helpful Tips

Getting your Master’s dissertation published is usually saved for people who are making academics their career. They also may be pursuing their doctorate degree and having some work published will look good for your portfolio. It isn’t easy to get your Master’s dissertation printed but I am going to discuss 10 helpful tips that will hopefully help you in getting it done.

  1. The first tip is to try to get parts of your dissertation published in a journal – Find out what guidelines are required for the particular journal you are seeking. Stay within those guidelines and give them parts of your thesis that may apply best to their guidelines.
  2. Try to get the entire dissertation published in journal- Journals have certain requirement in order to publish different works. Find out what they are and do what is necessary to get your work in front of the appropriate people.
  3. Try more than one journal to get your dissertation published- Don’t give up if one journal turns down your request to have your article published. Try another one and see if their requirement or guidelines are different. Some journals may have more of an interest in your topic than others so keep trying.
  4. Submit a book proposal to a publisher to see if they would make it into a book- A book proposal is extremely important. You are actually creating this to sell your book to the publisher. They want to know why your book will sell. You need to convince them that your book has value for the public. They will also want to know what type of audience will buy your works. You are trying to convince a publisher they will make money if they publish your work.
  5. Very important tip- Don’t give a publisher the entire paper until they agree to make it into a book- You don’t want a publisher to have access to your entire paper until they agree to publish your book.
  6. Make revisions necessary if a publisher is interested- If a publisher wants you to put a different spin on the article, you had better do it.
  7. Attempt to publish your dissertation on your own- This is always an option but it is also very expensive. It would be a helpful addition to your portfolio though.
  8. Present your paper at a conference on your topic- Go to conferences on your topic and present your creation to them. They may choose to publish your theories or tests. Maybe you would be willing to let them take any part of your work they want. That is your choice.
  9. Ask your advisor for help- Your advisor may be helpful in giving you insight on the best route to take and if they think it is something that will ever be worth publishing.
  10. The last tip is don’t give up- As with anything in life; if you want it bad enough, you can’t give up.

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