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How To Choose A Good Dissertation Topic On Youth Unemployment

Youth unemployment is a topic of hot debate in the recent years as more and more people graduate to enter the market of tough competition and never make it to job for life they expected while in their university. The blame is not alone financial because there are certain other things that contribute to this issue as much as the finances or the job market does. Not every 1 in 5 young people in the United Kingdom have a job, which makes the figures more drastic for developing countries and under developed economies. The question however, is not to impose on the factors that caused it to happen but to identify the possibilities of overcoming this situation. The subject for your dissertation has a wide scope and is of critical importance only if you could address it properly and provide a wise solution to this monster of joblessness we are fighting as a whole.

You can certainly find tons and millions of data on unemployment and the way it is affecting other institutes of the society like education, marriage, health, crime, and jurisdiction. However, it is for you to determine which of this data relates most to your paper and is valid enough to be a part of a critical academic assignment. You can rely on government statistics for unemployment in certain states if you get it from a reliable source or collect first-hand information by conducting surveys, interviews, designing questionnaires and going out in the filed for fresh and recent information. Both first and second hand information may be of good use depending upon the sources you have used and the requirements from your teacher.

It all comes down most significantly to the approach and the topic you choose for your dissertation. If the rest of the class is also addressing the same situation then majority of them will be writing their paper on the causes of unemployment or the effects it is creating for most of the people. You should try having a unique approach as compared to the rest of the students so that you can stand out with your assignment. Instead of making the topic sound like a complain, you need to make it engaging by offering a solution through your ideas. Do not use words that have negative connotations and try having a positive approach towards solving the problem at hand.

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