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10 Dissertation Introduction Writing Tips From Professionals

An introduction is a very important part of any dissertation. You present your topic in this section and explain to your readers what they should expect from your study. If your introduction is weak, some readers may not even continue reading your paper. Below, you may look at the list of tips that will help you write better and stronger introductions.

  1. State your purpose.
  2. You should start your paper with a clear statement of your purpose. You don’t need to describe specific research questions, but you should indicate the definite direction of your study.

  3. Define your topic.
  4. It’s advisable to early indicate the particular area of research that you’ve chosen within your academic discipline.

  5. Describe your approach.
  6. This is needed to make your readers understand how you formulated your research questions and determined the aims of your study. Indicate what factors shaped the direction of your dissertation.

  7. Present your terminology.
  8. Your paper’s likely to contain some terms that aren’t known to the major audience. Create a section that will list and define such terms.

  9. List your research questions.
  10. This is necessary to make after you’ve defined your main purpose and described your approach. Make sure to make clear and concise statements of your objectives.

  11. Formulate your hypothesis rigorously.
  12. Make sure that your hypothesis looks understandable and logical. It also should be testable and falsifiable.

  13. Show the scope of your work.
  14. Give a clear notion of how big the scope of your paper is and indicate its place within the existing literature of your research field. This way, you’ll demonstrate your broad knowledge base.

  15. Indicate the significance of your study.
  16. Your paper should be more than just an analysis of some topic. It should bear a larger meaning. Start the discussion of your valuable contribution in the introduction.

  17. Explain your reasons.
  18. It’s likely that you’ve chosen your topic not on a random basis. Inform your readers about what caused you to make this particular decision.

  19. Use subheadings.
  20. The introduction section in a dissertation might be rather large, so for the sake of convenience it’s advisable to divide it into separate subsections.

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