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A Manual For Composing Strong Dissertation Titles In Banking

When composing a dissertation title in banking, it is very important to remember what a dissertation is. It is not a two page rundown of things you know or can find out in 15 minutes online. A dissertation is a long document, based on real academic research, usually up to or over 10,000 words. Those are a lot of words so the topic chosen needs to be represented by a title that is broad enough to enable you to write about it and narrow enough so that you can ask relevant questions about it. When coming up with your banking dissertation title, think of the following.

Think about what you have learned about your topic. This will give you an idea about the areas in the subject area that have the relevance to be explored. You will also know the controversial areas which you should think about including in the title.

The basic use of a title is to inform the reader about what area of banking you are writing about. It also has the added responsibility of enticing the reader to read on. This is why the inclusion of a controversial issue that you will research is a good idea. It can draw a reader in.

Once you have thought about, and listed down, the major areas around your topic, start researching them. Know them as completely as you can. Look up problem areas. Find solutions to those problems. Find problems with those solutions and any criticisms you can come up with.

When you are done researching, it is time to compose your title. Look through your research and think about how to pose the title. Should it be in the form of a question? A statement? What will draw the audience in? Write down the title in multiple ways. Show them to your supervisor and fellow students and friends. Which one seems the best? Take their advice on board but make your own decision.

To help you along the way, here are 3 great examples of banking dissertation titles.

  1. What sort of legislative oversight of banks is required to avoid another financial meltdown?
  2. How can banks overhaul their “Know your customer (KYC)” protocols to reduce rates of non-performing loans?
  3. Bonuses for banking executives have become a big publicity nightmare in recent years. How much of an effect do bonuses actually have on performance?

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