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10 Interesting Suggestions For A Strong Dissertation Title

The title of your dissertation may not be the most important part of your project, but the right one can certainly help increase the interest in your topic. When it comes to creating the title, you can come up with something flat and explanatory, or you can be extremely creative and dynamic. Here are some ideas to help you create a strong title for your project:

One of the most helpful way to write a title is to be precise with your language. It is better to be concise and precise than wordy and long. Here are some examples:

It is also helpful to use words that are not overly broad. Instead, you should use words that provide description and explanation in an interesting way. Here are some examples:

Each dissertation title should include the following components: what you are researching, the outcome of that research, and the components of the research. This is a substantial list of recommended ingredients for a good title. Here are a few examples:

Another interesting way to develop a title is to avoid being overly creative. There is some value in creativity, especially when you are choosing precise words. But, a professional paper like a dissertation should have a professional tone at all times. It is also recommended to avoid using acronyms, especially those that the general public would not know. Writers should also avoid any initials and abbreviations in those titles. Most people who are experts on the subject of creating titles for academic papers would also recommend avoiding any type of cliche. These simply weaken the paper from the very beginning, which is exactly NOT what a student striving for a doctorate or master’s degree is looking for.

Instead, the best titles include the important, guiding principles of the paper along with the major focus of your research. The title should also include expertly precise word choice so the reader knows exactly what to expect, without knowing the exact outcome.

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