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15 Good Questions You Can Answer In A Dissertation In Journalism

When you are deciding what to write your dissertation on, make sure you know where your passion lies. You will be spending hours and hours on this thesis so you must really enjoy the topic or you are going to be miserable for many days to come. Try to make your topic something you really enjoy so you will do a better job on the work. It has been said that you will do much better on something you enjoy writing about. Also when you are deciding on a topic, make sure there is enough information on the internet and from other sources to be able to write an accurate and thorough thesis. Here are 15 good questions you can answer in a dissertation in journalism:

  1. Is the search for the great story worth dying for?
  2. What does it take to win the Pulitzer Prize?
  3. How much influence can the media have on the actions of the public?
  4. Is getting the great story reason to break the law?
  5. Will newspapers survive the internet?
  6. How far is too far in journalism? Are paparazzi the answer to getting the answers?
  7. What limitations do woman have in journalism?
  8. Is 3D technology going to be the wave of the future?
  9. How private should the lives of celebrities be? Are we allowed to invade their privacy for a story? Do they owe us something because they are celebrities?
  10. Is there ever a time when freedom of speech should be allowed to be suppressed?
  11. Should pornography be banned or is that censorship?
  12. Do journalists have the right to destroy a person’s life for the sake of exposing a story?
  13. What plans can be created to stop music pirating?
  14. How well is our personal data protected and how can we protect it more?
  15. What is the difference in how Canada views freedom of speech vs. the United States?

This online resource can be a great help when you are looking for a topic for your thesis in journalism. You can get plenty of ideas from here and also help on how to write your work as well. There are many sites on the internet that can give you instruction on how to create a good dissertation so there is really no reason you can’t do a great job because all the tools are there for you on the web.

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