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Ten Thought Provoking Dissertation Topics In Education Psychology

There are limitless topics in the field of Psychology. The things that you find important to understand will come to mind first. That is the wondrous thing about this subject. The ability we are given at birth. The option of free-will. This is what has put us in the position we are at in the world. It will also be the absolute reason for our future. Everything in between can be studied and processed to mean something different to people. This article will give ten thought provoking dissertation topics in education psychology. This is the study of how humans learn in educational settings.

  1. Theories on learning behavior. There is a list of great thinkers down through time that have made these studies. These experts have made some of the biggest discoveries on why we as humans act and react the way we do. Giving understanding in any part of this field is a huge contribution to society. This type of information can change the way we live our lives among the rest of the population.
  2. Why you want to become a professional educator-explain in detail why becoming a teacher in any form is meaningful to you and the students. There are many positive things that are individuals that feel the need to inform others. Where would the world be without top-quality education?
  3. Intelligence-what is the human nature that makes one individual comprehend life and its meaning more than another? What makes a person smarter than the next person? Explaining the difference in comprehension of information.
  4. Morals and values-why do people look at the way they should act and treat people so differently? Why are there individuals that put such a low perspective on life and how they live it?
  5. Friendship-what are the qualities that make a person put their love and trust into another person? What is expected in this form of relationship? Why do some have many and others have none?
  6. Self-esteem-what mental and physical characteristics give a person more or less of this emotion?
  7. Optimism-Is it mental, physical, financial, or all three that make up the way people look at the world. Can the environment the person grew up in explain the positive way they look at this world?
  8. Teacher efficacy/expectations-what makes up the performance levels of the class? What makes the teacher want to assist students in furthering their learning capacities? When they are placed in these positions do they work with pupils for personal or monetary satisfaction?
  9. Community involvement-what makes a community take interests in the events that unfold in their neighborhood?
  10. Family/home development- who are the pillaes of the family or home life? What characteristics do family members expect from the ones they look to for protection and leadership? Does the marriage statistics carry any weight with these decisions?

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