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Creating A PhD Dissertation In Business Administration: 4 Great Tips

Theoretical research in the area of business administration is an exciting area of academia. You can potentially influence how businesses run themselves worldwide if you come up with some revolutionary concepts. Writing a PhD dissertation though, no matter how interesting the subject area, can be tough. It takes years of dedication and personal struggle to achieve each milestone in writing a dissertation. Here are 4 great tips to help you create an outstanding business administration PhD dissertation.

  1. Work on your topic
  2. If you have been accepted into a PhD program, your subject area is already chosen, perhaps even your topic. Remember though, that what you wrote in your Research Proposal at the time of your admission is not something set in stone. You are beginning to undertake years of research so your department and your supervisor not only know but expect your work to evolve over time. Take the time at the beginning of your program to explore the subject area thoroughly to refine your topic. Read as much as you can and as broadly as you can. Make your topic one you are passionate about but also one that has real relevance in today’s business environment so that what you write about matters.

  3. Read other dissertations
  4. Get your hands on as many dissertations in your particular area of interest as well as in the wider context of business administration. This well help you get an idea of how other students, especially the most successful ones, have tackled their dissertations and how they have gone about resolving problems. It will also give you an idea about the research that has gone on in the area beforehand, which will form part of your literature review.

  5. Be meticulous with your planning
  6. There is no substitute for planning when you are starting off on a long project that will last years. Plan milestones for yourself and plan how you will get there. You should know which resources you will use. You should also know all your deadlines and you should make a plan to enable you to stick to them. Make sure this plan is on paper and that you follow up with it regularly to check on your progress.

  7. Think of your supervisor as a resource
  8. Your supervisor is your most important academic reference during your PhD. Regularly meet them and take their advice on board. Its free help and it is the most useful.

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