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How To Write A Dissertation On Leadership: 7 Helpful Tips

Well writing a dissertation on any subject can become a pretty tricky job if you are not prepared before. But as long as you do your "homework" before you start writing, and you have all the facts in place, you will be able to do an excellent one, without struggling too much, and without trying to many times as well.

  1. The thesis. It should be something you are good at, or at least something you got some knowledge about. Being familiar with the topic will come in handy when you are writing it.
  2. Lenght. It should be big, something that can fit everything into one piece of work, you have to have enough space to cover every aspect that you can think of, and you know it's worth writing about.
  3. Originality. Try to do something that hasn't been done before, this way you can get an excellent dissertation, one that you will be proud you have written. Something that's it's worth presenting. And it has to very substantial as well, so you can fit everything in there.
  4. Research. A must for everyone who wants to do a good job. You have to research a lot about that particular subject so that you can write everything excellently. For example, on leadership, try to talk with some leaders you know. Maybe someone at your girlfriends workplace, or someone in your family that occupies a leader position in a firm. Getting info from the source if always the best.
  5. Evidence. Every famous statement that you make should be supported by evidence or some examples. If you say that a good leader has to be able to unite his subordinates in a harmonious manner, give an example of someone, which you choose, who does exactly that. Maybe a famous president, perhaps a general in the army, you want the model, just make sure that it fits the idea you are presenting.
  6. Critical thinking. Try to make it so that you can give everything in an analytical way, taking from the center of the work every piece of info that you need and support it further.
  7. Grammar. Nothing worse than a good presentation that's written poorly. Correct everything that you find, and try not to rush. Use a grammar software, or do it by hand. It's your choice, just make sure that the result is flawless in this particular area.

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