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A List Of Latest Dissertation Topics In Information Technology

Information technology seems to be developing at the speed of light. Every few months there are advancements that quickly make what was state of the art just a year ago completely obsolete just a short period later. The same can be true about selecting dissertation topics on information technology. Just when you thought you are writing on something current, you find that there is something new to study. So here is a list of the latest topics that should make for great projects:

  1. What methods can be used to encourage recently developed countries to use e-commerce as a way to boost local economies and business? Should developed countries take a more direct approach to assist, or should it be left open for each individual country to implement?
  2. How do media technologies affect physical development in young adults and teenagers? Do students stop exercises or other types of physical activities because of technological distractions?
  3. Conduct a study of how media technology is impacting learning development in grade school children? Are children having more difficulty learning because of media technology surrounding their daily lives?
  4. Provide an analysis of the positive and negative effects that social media has on the management of crises around the world? Emergency messages can spread quickly, but more people depend on this and false information can spread like wildfire and make rescue situations worse?
  5. How as the revolution of communication technology (e.g., texting, social sites, etc.) has influenced people, culture, government processes and strategies? Do people act differently in society as a result of this communication revolution?
  6. How do advancements in IT help in developing and implement management systems in business startups in the U.S.? Do startups or entrepreneurships have a better chance of surviving past those initial and uncertain years?
  7. How has IT developments changed the way government procurement works? Has it made oversight a lot simpler or have contracts become even more convoluted and confusing than before?
  8. Can technology help end piracy in underdeveloped countries? What are the challenges and potential solutions? What would this mean in terms of revenue for the companies that lose money because of piracy?
  9. Have advertisers who focus on cell phone networks been successful in bringing profits to business? Or have the ads been detrimental to a business’ success?
  10. What factors do technology users consider when they think of information protection and security?

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