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15 Examples Of Great Dissertation Topics In Marketing

Marketing is quite possibly the main determining factor in whether or not a business venture is successful so it is no surprise that millions of dollars has gone into researching this facet of consumerism. When writing a dissertation on this field one can easily choose from the long list of already completed research or, since you are a consumer yourself, develop your own angle of approach. Here are 15 examples of dissertation topics in marketing:

  1. Discuss how the methods of presentation affect the choice of the consumer. In many cases celebrities are utilized to promote a product giving the impression that they themselves use it when in reality they do not.
  2. Give evidence to support the idea that false advertising is more common than the media admits.
  3. Derivatives is a method of tricking the consumer into purchasing a service that ties them unknowingly into a long term relationship forcing them to continue purchasing implements to support its use.
  4. How has branding affected the quality of products available to the average consumer.
  5. Price discrimination is a form of racial discrimination and should be disallowed with prices being regulated in all establishments.
  6. Should the availability of an item be viewed as a good reason to use it?
  7. Product placement in media hosting famous individuals should be considered false advertising.
  8. Is the use of attractive women in advertisement geared towards men morally correct?
  9. Is the use attractive movie actors and actresses part of a plot to sell cosmetic products?
  10. How do racial stigmas affect the consumption of products from Arabian countries and to what extent can the world benefit from a change in these practices?
  11. Marketing is necessary for the success of every business venture. To what extent does the cost of advertising affect the cost a consumer must pay for a particular item?
  12. Discuss ventures that have succeeded with little or no marketing and give reason to why this was possible. Compare this business model to existing ones and outline the possible reasons for the difference in marketing needs.
  13. Should companies that utilize illegal forms of labor in international factories be required to verify their methods of production in a more detailed manner than current day regulations demand?
  14. Should invasive ad methods used online be deemed as criminal activity punishable by law ?
  15. Many companies use online marketing on various free media sites and as a result, the quality of free media content online has improved. Has this made advertising online even more appealing?

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