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Selecting Winning Thesis Topics: Suggestions From A Professional

Choosing the right topic for your thesis isn’t an easy task, but it’s an extremely important one. Thankfully, this article has some excellent suggestions from a professional about how to choose a winning thesis topic.

Improve your knowledge of your field of study

Before you can get down to the task of actually choosing some excellent thesis topics, it’s essential that you have a very broad knowledge of your chosen field of study. In order to get this broad knowledge base, you’ll have to do a whole lot of reading. So, gather all your relevant textbooks, go to the library and loan some books, and go online to search for even more information. Then start reading! Once you have a fantastic understanding of your field of study, you’ll find it much easier to select a great theme for your dissertation.

Look for gaps in the research

Now that your knowledge is up to scratch, you can start identifying gaps in the existing research. Each of these gaps presents a wonderful opportunity for further research, and thus is an excellent idea for a dissertation theme. So, make note of all the gaps in the existing research in your field.

Try to find novel topics

The academic world loves novelty, so try to find as many novel themes for your dissertation as possible. You can look for new angles on old theories, novel relationships between concepts, or new methods to study old themes. All of these ideas are possible themes for your dissertation, so write them on the list you created when you were looking for gaps in the existing research in your field of study.

Ensure your topic is researchable

Once you have a decent list of potential dissertation themes, you need to make sure that they are all actually researchable. There’s no point in trying to write your thesis about a topic that you can’t research at all.

Make sure your topic interests you

Finally, make sure that all the potential dissertation themes on your list interest you to some degree. If you want to write an outstanding dissertation, you need to be somewhat passionate about your subject matter, so cross any themes that leave you cold off your list.

After reading through this article, you should have a good idea of how to go about choosing outstanding thesis topics for yourself. And this will help you go on to write an amazing dissertation.

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