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Selection Of Great Nursing Dissertation Topics For You To Consider

In order to earn a degree in nursing a student must first meet strict graduate requirements, include the writing an original dissertation. The field is so vast, however, that students actually have trouble narrowing down their ideas into a single solid topic. So here is a selection of great nursing dissertation topics for you to consider using if you are having trouble developing your own:

  1. What challenges do nurses face when patients are not able to effectively express their concerns about treatments and are not cooperative when they are inpatients?
  2. How do elderly patients pose greater risks in terms of injuries for nurses who provide a dedicated one-on-one in home care? Is this a concern that has gone largely unnoticed?
  3. What are the negative effects of working too many hours? Are nurses able to effectively provide sufficient care for patients when they may lack the rest and leisure time recommended?
  4. Should nurses have mandatory time off per week greater than that which is currently provided? Should this be an issue determined by the state or federal authorities?
  5. How do nurses’ wages and benefits in large medical group facilities compare with those in small private care facilities? What other benefits are distinctly different between the two?
  6. What improvements to nurse training courses have been the most effective in the last ten years? What have been the biggest failures in this industry?
  7. Can nurses affect patients’ medications and treatments more than doctors because of their close relationship with patients?
  8. In what ways have the rising costs of health care changed the nursing industry as a whole? Is quality of care worse or better than it was when prices were more affordable?
  9. What is the importance of effective communication between the nursing staff and doctors in the way health services are provided to patients in intensive care units?
  10. Does establishing a friendly personal relationship with patients increase the likelihood of a speedy recovery? What about the patients’ ability to positively react to medical treatment?
  11. Are nurses given the proper technical training to effectively use computer skills to improve the quality of care for their patients? For instance, digitized information instead of charts?
  12. Why is it so important for nurses to encourage communication on the part of the patient? What about in cases where there is a language barrier and patients aren’t able to list symptoms?

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