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The Top 20 Unique Dissertation Topics On Leadership

Leadership is a socially accepted concept of influencing others and enlisting their aid to accomplish a common task. People follow leaders of their own accord and free will. Strong leadership is essential for the success of enterprises, both business and otherwise, as well as communities and countries. In times of difficulty or need, people look to their leaders to make decisions and give them direction so that they can get out of the difficult situations they face. It is in this context that the study of leadership has seen such vast research and interest. Most business, management, political science and various other programs devote significant resources to teaching students about leadership.

Leadership is also a subject area that is ripe for great dissertation writing. If you are looking for some great dissertation topics on leadership, read on to find 20 of the best below.

  1. The effects of race on moulding of business leaders at leading business schools. A study of the theory and evidence.
  2. What effects do the politics of gender have on the selection of leaders for private business enterprises? A study of the theory and evidence.
  3. As study of the evolving theory of leadership through the 1990s and 2000s. How has our understanding of leadership evolved?
  4. A comparative study of the leadership involved in a political body with that required in a business enterprise. What are the main differences and the lessons to be learned?
  5. A comparative study of the political leadership in the United States and Britain.
  6. In the age of the internet, how much sway does public opinion have on the decision making processes of political leaders?
  7. How much is the leadership of one man worth in a company with entrenched work and management philosophies and processes? A case study of Toyota.
  8. What kind of influence can a leader wield in an organization that is adamantly averse to change?
  9. Is the role of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) overstated in the American business landscape?
  10. Explore the distinction between management and leadership.
  11. Should leaders have a proactive, personal role in conflict resolution at work or should established procedures take precedence? A study of the resultant effects on employee morale.
  12. How much of a role does a candidate’s perceived leadership potential have on voters’ decision making?
  13. How much of a role does leadership charisma have to play in convincing people to follow as opposed to previous history of success of a leader?
  14. Explore the role of religion in leadership. Do religious leaders have more devoted followers than other leaders?
  15. A study of the effectiveness of the various theoretical instruments to measure leadership potential.
  16. Can business leaders become successful political leaders?
  17. Explore the differences between the presidential and parliamentary systems. What effects do the differences have on the leaders these systems produce?
  18. What effect does adversity in personal life have on the development of a leader?
  19. Can military commanders become effective democratic leaders?
  20. Can democratic leaders become effective military commanders?

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