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A Comprehensive Tutorial On How To Format APA Dissertation Headings

The APA academic writing style is one of the most preferable for a dissertation in social sciences and humanities. It has a range of demands to the general formatting of your paper. These demands should be observed with care because attention to such details shows you as a professional in your sphere. Your supervisor is the one who can render you a consultation on the way your paper should be organized and formatted to meet the APA demands. However, you’d better have a specialized manual that can be found on the Internet and in offline libraries. Such manuals contain all the important information on the style, its main peculiarities and so on.

Below, you will find a short guide on the way APA dissertation headings should be formatted properly to meet all the demands.

So, there are five main types of headings that can be used in your paper. They should be formatted in a different way in accordance to their functions. Though in the list below they are marked, there should be no marking when you use them in your text.

Apart from headings, you need to remember about the so-called running heads that are located in the top left corner of a page, repeating the title of your project.

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